Famed business consultant Peter Drucker once said “management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.” Your company wants great leaders because it wants to do the right things more often than your competitors. When it comes to the hiring process though, we all know that resumes – littered with keywords and corporate speak – focus on responsibilities and achievements, not leadership. We also realize that, to an extent, a candidate is their “best self” during an interview. So you wonder: Who are we actually hiring?

Hogan Assessments

Since 1982, retained executive search has been the core business of TRANSEARCH International. Now, through a partnership with Hogan, TRANSEARCH is helping companies make even better hiring decisions. Hogan’s personality assessments are built on more than 30 years of scientific research and backed by one of the largest teams of master and PhD level psychologists. The result is a powerful suite of assessments that help you gain a critical understanding of your people’s values, day-to-day personality and leadership blind spots. Whether the Hogan Assessment is administered for candidate selection, leadership evaluation, or development purposes, TRANSEARCH has an enviable track record of predicting success and mitigating risk.

Hogan MVPI: Leadership VALUES Profile
Depicting the “core drivers” of personality, the MVPI identifies an individual’s motivations and the ideal setting for them to be productive. Understand what drives the minds and hearts of your people, where someone has synergy or dissonance with your organization’s culture.

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Hogan HPI: Leadership POTENTIAL Profile
Showcasing the “bright side” of personality, the HPI describes how a person relates to others when he or she is at their best. See the day-to-day personality of an individual and whether their tendencies compound, complement, or counteract your team strengths.

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Hogan HDS: Leadership CHALLENGE Profile
Revealing the “dark side” of personality, the HDS diagnoses potential behavior risks before they become a problem. Predict where strengths become a liability, how stress impacts a person’s demeanor, or when a teammate might actually derail the mission.

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Hogan TEAM Profile: Roles, Conflict, Culture
In tandem with efforts to develop and nurture high-performing teams, Hogan’s team assessment helps you to better manage your business by identifying the mix of personalities within each team, recognizing common derailers, and revealing how shared values impact performance.

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