On August 7th, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its July 2015 monthly findings, and the trend looks very positive for employment in construction and elsewhere in the economy. While there are still some areas of concern with diversity employment and with industries such as Mining, Oil & Gas (above 8%) – construction along with manufacturing and the rest of the economy seem to be back to where they were in 2009.

In the BLS employment report, construction is now posting a 5.5% rate dramatically better than the number from July 2014 of 7.5%. That translates into 192,000 additional employees from July 2014 to last month.

BLS also reported that the rate for management and professionals across all industries remains very strong with rates between 2.3% and 3.6%. Meaning that for individuals who could be likely executive search candidates, the options are growing and demand is improving. All sectors have seen significant drops from the year earlier as well.

Global Practice Leader for Construction, Design, and Real Estate, Chris Swan said, “We are seeing growing urgency amongst our clients. Compensation pressure continues to escalate, and top candidates are receiving multiple offers. With companies restructuring or merging, and consequently shedding talent, there are some quality individuals on the market. However, today they spend much less time looking, and often they step directly into new roles.”