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Author: Mike Morrow

In 2017, it seems like everything is being measured and quantified. Over time, this trend has spread to people-centric industries like executive search. Like it or not, the use of personality assessments – and other pre-employment testing – is alive and well as companies are hiring employees from the entry level to the executive level. I’m often asked by clients and candidates alike, “what role should personality testing play in the hiring process?” My response usually begins with the words “be careful…”

Hiring is a tricky thing. It is a mix of both art and science. Companies are looking to attract leaders who have the requisite experience to fill a role and can propel an organization towards a specific vision. Identifying the right credentials on paper is easy – anyone can tell me which industry they have worked in and for how long. Personality AssessmentsCritical factors like culture fit, team fit, and personality fit are often much more difficult to ascertain and can make the difference between adequate and exemplary achievement by an executive. A good hiring process all starts with alignment (or misalignment) on the part of the hiring team. Be sure to engage in robust dialogue up front about what you’re looking for in the ideal candidate. Use common language, and be sure everyone is on the same page. Be specific, and avoid vague ideas like “strategic” (after all, we can all probably think of 100 different ways to describe strategic).

Once you have developed a clear picture of who it is you’re looking for, including the skill-sets, experience bases, and personality types to thrive in your organization’s culture, consider whether the use of personality assessments might be useful for creating a match between your needs and the candidate. If you do decide to use personality testing as a pre-employment screening process, it falls on you to ensure that they are reliable, valid, legal, and effective. There are a host of different tools out there, from Meyers-Briggs (MBTI), to DiSC, to the Predictive Index and many, many more.

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