In the capital city of the world’s fastest growing economy, TRANSEARCH consultants from across the globe assembled in New Delhi, India to conduct the firm’s annual conference. 2015 was a good year for the organization. TRANSEARCH achieved strong performance in several regions like Europe and Southeast Asia. The firm also celebrated launching new offices in Strasbourg, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Johannesburg; and its global leadership committee set course for future expansion in China and the Middle East.

As clients and special guests convened alongside TRANSEARCH consultants in the opening session, Dr. John O. Burdett – a prominent global authority on leadership and organization development, and the firm’s resident leadership advisor – led a topic entitled “If You Can’t Coach, You Can’t Lead.” Burdett highlighted the four types of coaching and linked it with the GE performance grid, in order to establish a framework for identifying who to coach and how to proceed.

Later in the day, Karen Greenbaum – President and CEO of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) – took the stage to discuss insights from her organization’s recent global study. Shortly thereafter, the three TRANSEARCH offices in India welcomed some of their most esteemed clients to a panel session. This collection of HR executive officers represented market leaders like Sun Pharma, HCL, and Jet Airways. Among their shared insights, these HR executives noted that there remains a strong market for retained executive search with companies like theirs; however, firms who hope to partner with them must elevate to become trusted advisors and not transactional service providers.

Yet perhaps the most game-changing dialogue took place on Day 2, when Burdett led a session called “If You Can’t Attract Top Talent, You Can’t Hire Top Talent.” He noted how many search firms fail to recruit ‘A players’ for clients, not because the recruiter doesn’t know the right people but because he/she can’t assess motivation or get the right people interested. Burdett outlined how to Inform, Influence, and Inspire such that the right executive candidates want to engage with your clients. Launched as a new component in the TRANSEARCH Orxestra™ Method, these principles have been encapsulated in a card-sort exercise where a client’s high performers help to pinpoint why people join and why people stay.

With TRANSEARCH, united and driven by a refrain that formed the conference’s theme – Excellence by Design, Extraordinary by Intent – we look forward to an even better 2016 for our people and our clients.