Author: Richard Proszowski

The true bottom-line of any Omnichannel strategy is to increase revenue and profitability for a company. The hypothesis is that if you improve the overall customer experience, good things will happen. Why can’t this perspective be applied to all internal IT systems and deliverables as opposed to just externally focused technology initiatives?

Well, every Omnichannel strategy covers the aspects of Attracting, Converting and Retaining customers. Attracting is a key process, “If you build it, he will come” to draw a quote from the movie Field of Dreams about getting Shoeless Joe Jackson to pay attention to a basic marketing promotion. But wait; aren’t the consumers of a corporate application or solution captives of the solution and therefore have to use it whether or not they are interested in using it?

“Ahh Bach!” – another ridiculous reference – now to M*A*S*H. Yes; what if we really cared to actually CONVERT our corporate consumers to use and see the value of using our corporate solutions. Wouldn’t that shift the paradigm so significantly that support, effectiveness, productivity and other measures would all move in the BEST possible direction for the shareholder?

And what about RETENTION? Isn’t that why shadow IT continues to be a topic of discussion and concern for many corporate IT teams? If CONVERSION was because the VALUE proposition was so great AND understood; RETENTION wouldn’t be an issue.

Run your internal IT with an Omnichannel perspective – it’s a win-win.

Richard Proszowski is a decorated global IT/IS executive with an outstanding record leading enterprise transformation initiatives and continuous improvement at firms in manufacturing, food, distribution, CPG, and packaging, among other industries. Most recently he was Chief Information Officer at Mead Johnson and had previously served in similar leadership roles with companies like Pactiv/Reynolds, Culligan International, and Baxter. Richard earned an MBA in Corporate Finance & Systems Management from the University of Chicago, as well as a BS in Computer Science with a concentration in Systems Planning & Analysis from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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