TRANSEARCH was selected by the owners of a small, privately held client to conduct the most significant executive search it had ever undertaken. The owners, three brothers who founded the company decades ago, were all either in or near retirement. They needed somebody they could trust to run their business, increase revenues exponentially, and maintain the company culture – built on trust, respect, and integrity – they had fostered for decades. The prevailing sentiment was that there were no family members or executives in the company with the breadth of experience and personal drive to take this slow-growing company to the next level; so it would not be an internal hire.

After extensive recruiting and behavioral interviewing of a slate of finalists – which included complex, in-depth psychological testing – and working in close consultation with the owners, our team helped to negotiate an appropriate compensation package and employment contract with the selected candidate (who happened to live within 10 miles of the company). Within years, the new President had weathered the economic slowdown and the particularly sharp decline in their market segments. Despite these challenges, he was driving profitable, organic growth of the business. And most importantly, this President maintained the ingrained family culture that the owners so ardently sought to preserve.