TRANSEARCH was retained by a multinational private equity firm to hire a Senior Investment Professional who would build a renewable energy portfolio spanning North America.  The firm had an enviable track record with real estate and infrastructure deals, as well as considerable expertise in public and private partnerships.  In order to capitalize on opportunities in the clean energy sector, as well as expand its presence in the United States, the firm sought to hire a proven investment executive to build a team and lead all related deal activity.  Moreover, this person had to possess the industry credibility to establish the firm as a strong player in the space, as well as the leadership caliber to manage a cross-country team.

Location proved to be an interesting challenge during the search.  At first, all parties agreed to target the New York metro area for strong financial services talent.  While several candidates progressed through the interview phase, the focus then shifted to target the San Francisco Bay Area for strong renewable energy talent.  Ultimately, TRANSEARCH helped the firm hire an individual with more than a decade of experience in renewable energy project development, whose career also encompassed real estate development and a strong engineering skill-set.