For one recent CFO search, TRANSEARCH was selected by a company which we first began working with in 1997.  This organization is a national provider of construction, operations and maintenance services to the power, energy and industrial sectors.  Back in 1997, we were tasked with helping this client find their next CEO.  Many years later, we recruited that CEO’s successor.  During this two decade relationship, the company’s growth has been exponential and annual revenue is more than half a billion dollars.

The Institute for Supply Management numbers keep coming, and keep coming strong. According to the latest January PMI numbers, we’ve seen 20 consecutive months – almost two years – of continued expansion in the manufacturing sector. And the economy overall has continued to grow for 68 straight months.

Transcript from the BlueSteps #ExecCareer Chat featuring John Ryan, from TRANSEARCH.

TRANSEARCH was recently selected by the Chairman and CEO of an early stage, pre-revenue biofuels and specialty chemicals manufacturer headquartered in Dallas. Founded in 2007, the company had previously completed A and B round funding. The board and leadership team required an executive who would lead the company through its C round, which was already in process, and spearhead future capital raising efforts to support the ongoing project pipeline to the tune of several hundred million dollars. With considerations such as burn-rate, joint venture obligations, and near-term project costs, identifying an individual with a proven track record of raising funds in the industry was critical.

TRANSEARCH was recently selected by a privately held developer, owner and operator of power generation projects. Our mandate was to engage and hire a seasoned, hands-on leader to take over the company’s ongoing efforts and develop gas-fired power plants across the United States. Although the company has had a longstanding presence in the sector, it found itself without a development executive who had the track record of completing simple and combined cycle power plants. The ideal individual needed to have this experience, which meant the successful candidate would likely have been in the space since the 1990’s, before the most recent boom in renewables.

TRANSEARCH was recently selected by the Board and CEO of this early stage, pre-revenue technology company headquartered in Dallas. Our mandate was to identify an executive who would lead the company’s R&D and commercialization efforts to drive the next generation technology growth of the business. Since the company’s inception in 2007, the team had focused primarily on the technological advancement and commercialization of its biodiesel production technology. With the co-Founder and Chief Science Officer nearing retirement, they needed a PhD chemist to take the company “beyond biodiesel” – focusing on commercialization of bio-lubricants and specialty oleochemicals. With less than a dozen people in the organization, cultural fit was vital.