A company is only as good as its people, and people make better decisions with better information. To better equip leaders who envision and drive talent strategy – and challenge the recruiting community to raise our level of performance – we are developing a cross-section of materials that help organizations think differently about talent acquisition and high-performing teams. From detailed examinations of a search process, to trends in leadership selection and compensation, we hope to be a resource for change-oriented and growth-minded organizations.

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Global CEO: Executive Search Case Study

For one 55-year-old company, which had never appointed a Chief Executive Officer from outside its own ranks, the stakes were exceedingly high as the global organization began its search for a CEO successor. Worldwide the company generated more than $1 billion in annual revenue, with approximately 8,000 employees across six continents. Click the link below to gain an insider’s view on how a retained executive search firm conducts this multi-region C-suite assignment.

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CXO Report: On The Move

Even just one executive can make a dramatic impact on the business as either a valuable asset or a costly liability. As much as a new executive moving to (or within) the organization is one of its most pivotal decisions, it’s also one of its most vulnerable moments. Looking at 2015 – across ten industry groups and organizations of varying size – we observed upward of 3,000 hiring and promotion decisions in the C-suite. Click the link below to see how industry groups, as well as specific executive positions, compare to one another across dimensions like hiring vs. promotion, credentials, and more.

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CXO Report: Diversity

In the wake of Silicon Valley releasing data about its diversity employment, one wonders about the diversity mix of executives across corporate America. Building upon our recent release of CXO Report: On The Move – which observed upward of 3,000 hiring and promotion decisions in the C-suite – we investigated which of these newly appointed CXOs might be diverse candidates. The report goes beyond the CEO and CFO positions to also examine other roles within the C-suite. Click the link below to see how certain executive positions compare to one another.

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