As a Global Top 10 search firm, with more than 300 consultants in over 35 countries, our organization has partnered with thousands of companies from Fortune 100s to startup businesses. Our motto is “Think Global, Act Local” – while we have globally integrated capabilities and resourcing networks, our market sensitivities and customer service remain highly localized. Beyond market knowledge and the power of our networks, the TRANSEARCH differentiator is our unrivaled ability to assess culture fit and leadership caliber, in real terms.

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We offer helpful tools to assess culture fit, team fit, and leadership.


We have a differentiated method to identify the “Perfect” Candidate - TRANSEARCH Orxestra™ Method.

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We partner with Hogan Assessments to better understand your people.

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We can better determine why your people stay and how to keep them.


Ask Mike Morrow how he can help your organization and hiring needs.


Mike is a partner in the firm's Industry and Energy practices.