Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

TRANSEARCH International embraces diversity and seek to promote the benefits of diversity in all of our business activities. We continuously develop a business culture that reflects that belief. We strive to make sure that our clients meet their own diversity targets.

TRANSEARCH International is committed to diversity and will promote diversity for all employees, workers and applicants and adhere to such a policy at all times. We will review on an on-going basis all aspects of recruitment to avoid unlawful or undesirable discrimination.

TRANSEARCH International treats everyone equally irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, age, disability, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, political beliefs or membership or non-membership of a Trade Union or spent convictions and places an obligation upon all staff to respect and act in accordance with the policy. We are furthermore committed to providing training for its entire staff in equal opportunities practice.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Code of Conduct underpins gender diversity and best practice for related search and leadership consulting activities.

Its Who We Are

With women making up more than 70% of our workforce and half our team from diverse groups, diversity, equity, and inclusion forms the very fabric of our company culture. We believe in it because it’s who we are. Our team members feel valued, respected, and supported and our culture embraces talented individuals who hold unique beliefs, thoughts, orientations, and perspectives.

We believe in a ‘unity in diversity’ and keenly recognize diverse teams working in an inclusive environment are more innovative, make better decisions and deliver a superior experience for our clients.

Sharing Our Passion, Exceeding Client Needs

TRANSEARCH is committed to providing solutions for our clients that align with our own passion for diversity. We believe diverse and inclusive leaders and teams are critical to an organization’s success. That’s why we partner with our clients to understand their specific diversity, equity and inclusion goals and help them build cultures that are conscious of bias, look beyond labels and focus on the attributes, skills, experience and potential required for success.

Aligning our beliefs and core competencies with client needs, we diligently leverage our talent scouting expertise to identify the most diverse global talent pool, with the broadest range of candidates, and consistently recruit the very best people – people who reflect our client’s unique priorities and values.

Code of Conduct: Provisions

1. Succession Planning: TRANSEARCH supports chairpersons and their nomination committees in developing medium-term succession plans that identify the balance of experience and skills that they will need to recruit for over the next two to three years to maximise leadership effectiveness. This time frame will allow a broader view to be established by looking at the whole organisation, not individual hires; this should facilitate increased flexibility in candidate specifications.

2. Diversity Targets: When taking a specific brief, TRANSEARCH looks at overall composition of the team and, in the context of the organisation’s agreed aspirational goals on gender balance and diversity more broadly, explore with line management and human resources if recruiting women is a priority on this occasion.

3. Defining Briefs: In defining briefs, TRANSEARCH ensures that significant weight is given to relevant skills, underlying competencies and personal capabilities and not just proven career experience, in order to extend the pool of candidates beyond those with existing similar roles or conventional corporate careers.

4. Long lists: When presenting their long lists, TRANSEARCH ensures that at least 30% of the candidates are women – and, if not, explicitly justifies to the client why TRANSEARCH is convinced that there are no other qualified female options, through demonstrating the scope and rigour of our research.

5. Candidate Support: During the selection process, TRANSEARCH provides appropriate support, in particular to first-time candidates, to prepare them for interviews and guide them through the process.

6. Supporting Candidate Selection: As clients evaluate candidates, TRANSEARCH ensures that we continue to provide appropriate weight to intrinsic competencies and capabilities, supported by thorough referencing, rather than over?valuing certain kinds of experience. TRANSEARCH, as necessary, advises our clients on how to run their interview process to demonstrate the required rigour and professionalism and to avoid unconscious gender bias.

7. Integration: TRANSEARCH provides advice to clients on best practice in integration and ‘on boarding’ processes to help new executives settle quickly into their roles.

8. Embedding Best Practice: TRANSEARCH ensures that best practices in supporting clients on enhancing gender diversity are well documented and shared internally and that adherence to the Code is effectively monitored.

9. Signalling Commitment: TRANSEARCH signals our commitment to supporting gender diversity through our website and marketing initiatives as appropriate and invests time into developing relationships with the pipeline of future female candidates.

For further information please Download the AESC’s Report on Diversity As A Business Imperative.


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