Strategic Objective

We founded our company to make a difference for our clients. When we get it right, our clients are thrilled with the extraordinary results, and we are energized by our positive impact. With every waking breath, think about how people are going to lead, interact, and respond to challenges. For us, every search assignment is a chance for us to change the world for the better. We do this because we care about leaving a legacy.

TRANSEARCH exists to solve business challenges that involve or are caused by people. Often those problems stem from the wrong people in critical roles, and we help companies fix these errors.

We are masters of the art and science of attracting leaders who deliver results. We are authentic, transparent, and communicative. We care about people and their success. We care about the relationship between people and the organizations they join. Our energy and passion flow from imagining the absolute best possible person. We leave room for our clients and candidates to choose who they want to be and who their best self is. We believe that it must work for both the client and the candidate for us to “Get it right.”

To thrive in executive search, it requires honesty, transparency, and clarity. Our team is empowered to enlighten clients and candidates about the rigors, challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls of career moves. We challenge companies and candidates to be their best and commit to a clear path forward.

Companies chose TRANSEARCH because they need a trusted partner when making strategic leadership decisions. Our clients are decisive, strategic and data driven. They are imaginative, open-minded and want to improve. We pursue clients that are attuned to the changing world and are willing to evolve with it. They are committed to “Getting it right” and follow strategies that set them apart from their peers. Our clients recognize the importance of high performing teams and the critical role that leaders play in building them.

For TRANSEARCH to “Get it right,” our team needs to understand culture, team, leadership, and performance, and we bring all these ideas into the mix when evaluating fit. Our team goes the extra mile to understand individuals and their values, motivations, and attitudes on both sides of the hiring equation. Our clients and our candidates are our partners, and we are committed to their success.

We believe in an organized process, evaluating alternatives, defining objectives, and delivering superior outcomes. Our ORXESTRA™ process establishes a framework for analysis, enabling us to systematically assess the individual characteristics of our client’s organization. As we define the culture, team, and leadership criteria of the desired person, we learn a tremendous amount about the hiring team and build more meaningful relationships.

Our structure allows us to consistently deliver a superior leader with precision and clarity. Finally, our team leaders are experts in specific market sectors. They understand their client organizations and the people in the industries they represent. They speak the language and have the contacts to make accurate assessments of the people best suited to thrive in their client’s organization.


With partners based in over 40 countries, we combine local expertise with a global network of search and leadership consulting professionals.

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With over 60 offices in 40 countries, TRANSEARCH International services companies around the world in all the major industry sectors.

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For over 35 years TRANSEARCH International has used our passion and expertise to build leadership teams for our clients.

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