What retains top talent, will attract top talent.

The exit of baby-boomers, the general shortage of top talent, and a new generation of employees entering the workforce makes retention a business (and financial) imperative. Why top talent stays is far more meaningful than the traditional, why talent quits, via, exit interview. It’s an approach that follows the principles of Appreciative Inquiry: uncovering what’s working rather than focusing on what doesn’t.

“Why Do You Stay?” – designed by Dr. John O. Burdett, our firm’s leadership advisor – is a component of our TRANSEARCH Orxestra™ Method. On the surface, it’s a set of flashcards used to initiate a broader dialogue. The methodology examines why top performers choose to stay with their current employer. With it, you begin to identify how your top performers answer the question: “Why do you stay?” Then when it comes to attracting top talent, you’re equipped to answer the question: “Why should I join?”

Inspiring your current leaders and prospective talent lies in “sharing the experience.” It’s being able to present with integrity and authenticity why top performers choose to stay. A generous reward system does not ensure loyalty and does not buy commitment. Your firm’s reputation is important but it quickly loses traction if the immediate supervisor is non-supportive. A high retention workplace is dominated by the team that people are a part of and the work they do.

By using “Why Do You Stay?” your organization can gauge the likelihood of retaining its top performers. If your organization exhibits strong compatibility with its top performers, it’s very difficult for recruiters to pull this talent away. If your organization exhibits low compatibility, it’s in danger of losing its top performers (and possibly others). Even if employee turnover is currently low, do not become complacent. Strategize around how to increase your retention compatibility.

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