executive search services

Let us find your next hire.

For more than 30 years, TRANSEARCH International has been a trusted advisor on countless executive hiring decisions.  Beyond market knowledge and the power of our networks, TRANSEARCH’s differentiator is our unrivaled ability to assess culture fit and leadership caliber, in real terms. 

Transparency is a major theme in our client partnerships, we believe in a metrics-driven search process that affords a company the best chances of hiring success.  Although we maintain portfolio relationships that have spanned decades, we consciously minimize our list of off-limit conflicts at any given time.

While undertaking an executive search, we evaluate people across five dimensions of fit:

  1. Culture Fit – A make-or-break issue especially when sourcing talent from outside your organization.
  2. Performance Fit – Our job scorecard helps to define and measure candidates against financial, operational, and managerial success factors.
  3. Leadership Fit – Instead of relying on buzzwords, we help to define meaningful competencies and determine a KPI baseline for comparison.
  4. Team Fit – Understand the development stage of your team, as well as the role each employee plays and what roles might be missing.
  5. Integration Fit – Because success is not measured by whether a new leader can do the job, but by how effectively and how quickly she or he delivers results.

If you require formal assistance, or simply an expert opinion, think of TRANSEARCH for…

  • C-level Hiring – When you have to get it right, right now.
  • Board Recruiting – When you have the talent but need the insights, access, and credibility of accomplished industry leaders.
  • Cross-Border Search – When your network doesn’t extend far enough, you need a partner who's attuned with the industry dynamics and cultural sensitivities of local markets.
  • Confidential Replacement – When your reputation, morale or competitive advantage hinges on sensitive conversations.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – When your team could benefit from varied perspectives and experiences, but you don’t know where to start.
  • Interim Management - TRANSEARCH provides Interim recruiting services of board and senior level executives.

For more information, please contact: info@transearchusa.com