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The high-stakes challenge of attracting and empowering executives is best met with the support of a firm that has a proven track record of success. The tools that TRANSEARCH International uses provide a unique perspective regarding culture, performance, leadership, and team "fit". And our integration methodology ensures that new leaders are integrated quickly and successfully without breaking stride.


Thought Leadership

Remote Work: Wave of the Present

by, Nic Karczewski, Senior Associate, TRANSEARCH

For the last 21 months many companies and their staff have been through multiple periods of uncertainty, change, and general anxiety regarding the state of their companies and/or jobs. Covid forced a good portion of the American workforce home, many of them for the first time in their careers. Senior leaders, managers, and supervisors were asking themselves: How will my staff and I focus and communicate effectively remotely? How much managerial oversight is too much? Too little? Can the company survive this? Can I survive this? A large swath of companies not only survived but saw their companies thrive! 

3 Smart Tips to Recruit Top Remote Talent Around the World

By Chris Swan and John Ryan, Managing Directors, TRANSEARCH USA

The remote work trend that caught fire with Covid will get even hotter in 2022, especially for more lucrative positions.

According to a new report by Ladders Inc., more than 25% of all high paying jobs will be available remotely by the end of 2022. That means over 20 million professional jobs will not be going back to the office after Covid.

To put the magnitude of this growing shift in perspective, prior to the pandemic, only about 4% of high paying jobs were available remotely. Today, it’s 18%.

"This life-changing shift to remote work is progressing even more rapidly than anyone thought it would,” Ladders Inc. CEO Marc Cenedella said in a news release. “Another 3 million jobs moved to being permanently remote in Q4 2021… This (will have a) fundamental long-term impact on everything from who is on the local PTA, to who is running our local towns, to how and where we live.”

Attract the Best Talent! Three Ways to Create your Unique Employer Brand

By Chris Swan and John Ryan, Managing Directors, TRANSEARCH 

Did you know 75% of job seekers consider an employers’ value proposition before they decide to apply for a role?

More simply put, three out of every four candidates take a keen look at your company brand, values and culture before they seriously contemplate working for you. That’s why it’s imperative for companies to skillfully market their unique value in order to attract and retain top talent.

5 Tips to Nail Your Virtual Interview

by, Nic Karczewski, Senior Associate, TRANSEARCH

With hybrid and remote job opportunities becoming more and more prevalent in today’s employment market, job seekers may be finding themselves interviewing virtually for the first time in their careers. Even for fully in-person roles, many recruiters and hiring managers prefer to conduct first or even second interviews (first could be a phone call) virtually to save time and hassle. Some of these tips are applicable to any type of interview, but there are some subtle nuances even in the classic best practices for today’s new interviewing landscape.


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Global demand for efficient and environmentally responsible energy has driven exponential growth in the Cleantech sector. These start-up companies and corporate ventures – in segments as diverse as power generation, energy storage, electric vehicle infrastructure, alternative fuels, and green chemistry – require nimble, entrepreneurial leaders and thinkers who can successfully migrate a tech-heavy, R&D focused entity to a level of profitability. While venture capital has largely shied away from Cleantech lately, disruptive technology advancements in the space are not going unnoticed.