By John Ryan, Managing Director, TRANSEARCH USA

As the labor market sizzles and businesses lose their high-performing leaders, the push for retention means counteroffers are gaining momentum. It is the "easy" solution when losing a manager or leader.

Livecareer surveyed 1,000 hiring managers and found "more than a third of managers countered with a 10% raise to employees they sought to retain and …nearly a third gave out more vacation time or a transition to a different role."

By Bridget Papanicholas, CEO, TRANSEARCH USA

The future we are working towards at TRANSEARCH is one I am committed to, both personally and professionally. It is about empowering individuals to flourish in roles where their unique identities and values are embraced, their perspectives championed, where their diverse backgrounds drive innovation; and where having inclusive cultures is the bedrock for solving tomorrow's challenges.

By Cynthia Kaplan, Senior Recruiter, TRANSEARCH USA

 HR and Organizational Development professionals have long stressed the importance and value of a diverse workforce. CEOs and Boards today recognize the cultural, branding, and economic significance of celebrating and encouraging Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in their businesses.

By Chris Swan, Managing Director, TRANSEARCH USA

When Apple icon Steve Jobs was contemplating a significant business decision, he often took strolls around his neighborhood, totally barefoot. While we can’t say for certain all that went through his mind, we do know these famous walks were meant to help him take a step back from the forest of data, market research, and analytics to help him see more clearly through the trees. And to rely on the age-old signal we all do - checking in with his gut.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the data or hypnotized by a terrific idea, “intuition is our deeper intelligence that is able to read the room or the marketplace,” states Rick Snyder, a leadership consultant and author of Decisive Intuition: Use Your Gut Instincts to Make Smart Business Decisions in Fast Company magazine. “We make better decisions when we integrate intuition with critical thinking.”

By Nic Karczewski, Senior Associate, TRANSEARCH

With hybrid and remote job opportunities becoming more and more prevalent in today’s employment market, job seekers may be finding themselves interviewing virtually for the first time in their careers.

Even for fully in-person roles, many recruiters and hiring managers prefer to conduct first or even second interviews (first could be a phone call) virtually to save time and hassle. Some of these tips are applicable to any type of interview, but there are some subtle nuances even in the classic best practices for today’s new interviewing landscape.

By Cynthia Kaplan, Senior Recruiter, TRANSEARCH USA

HR headlines often highlight negative trends like resignations, talent shortages, and burnout. But there is a positive, fascinating story making a real difference – the growth of roles in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI).

Since 2015, executive diversity and inclusion job titles have grown exponentially, jumping by 113%. What's more, nearly 40% of Fortune 500 companies now have executives dedicated to DEI.

The spike is not only occurring at the C-suite level but also for diversity and inclusion positions across all levels of organizations. To that end, after an initial dip at the start of the pandemic, diversity-specialized positions have risen by 55%. 

By Chris Swan, Managing Director, TRANSEARCH USA

Sky-high fuel prices. Climate change. Greenhouse gases. These issues make headlines every day. But there is a huge piece to this environmental and economic puzzle that doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves - water. 

“Our recent conversations with investors suggest that many are focusing mainly on the potential impact of rising carbon costs,” analysts at Barclays told CNBC. Yet the research reveals the potential financial impact from water risk may be three times higher than carbon risk.

To that end, consider the immense costs of the droughts in the southwestern US; the more than 30 million Americans who live in areas where water systems violate safety rules; the 50 people who died in the northeast after flooding last fall, and perhaps most alarmingly, that scientists estimate more than 200 million Americans have tap water containing Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), a series of chemicals that contaminate water.

By John Ryan, Managing Director, TRANSEARCH USA

Job seekers have more clout today than perhaps at any time in history.

The combination of the pandemic and Great Resignation has triggered a tight labor market where workers have the means to seek and gain more flexible schedules, greater work-life balance, and better pay. This has left employers with a pressing priority to proactively recruit prospects.

Indeed, you simply can’t afford to be passive. Now is the time to engage prospects early, efficiently, and in a very personalized way; to sell people on everything your company has to offer. And to approach workers who are happy in their current roles with a compelling case for leaving or at least considering it. 

It is therefore my pleasure to provide 4 helpful and useful tips on finding, engaging, and converting great talent into top-notch candidates who choose your company over the competition.