Our TRANSEARCH USA team assisted our Swedish counterparts in conducting an international executive search. The client, a Swedish medical technology company, aims to expand operations into the US. This hire will anchor that ambition, and is a key initial step. The project was exciting for both the American and the Swedish TRANSEARCH teams, who collaborated seamlessly and successfully, quickly earning results. Our TRANSEARCH USA team assisted our Swedish counterparts in conducting an international executive search.

This was especially impressive, considering the scope of the recruitment effort: the client sought an incoming president to build the US operation from scratch. The fitting candidate needed a hybrid skillset that spanned medical and technological expertise, coupled with leadership abilities. The role demanded a high-level candidate who could engage in the bricks and mortar work of establishing a US headquarters, and could support infrastructural development as well. The successful candidate also needed the experience, network and entrepreneurial mindset to establish, build and expand client relationships as the company forges its American presence.

The project was a complex, high-level undertaking, and our international TRANSEARCH teams handled it with aplomb. Our teams managed their work while adhering to a concise timeline: the search started in early March, and a well-suited candidate accepted the position in late June. He begins the role in early August. The project gave our American team an opportunity to expand their expertise into the healthcare technology industry, with which they had limited experience prior to this project.

Another reason this search was special was because of what this technology enables. The product the client offers is a software upgrade that enhances the quality and capability of MRI imagining. This makes MRI output quality better. It also makes the experience easier for patients because it takes less time to capture quality images via MRI.


Our American and Swedish teams worked together successfully on the project by exercising thorough, diligent communication throughout the process. They conferenced weekly to ensure that all stakeholders were apprised of the progress. An American staff member also traveled to Sweden to assist with client services and team interactions abroad.

Our TRANSEARCH team conducted stellar research based on the clients’ needs and assisted in narrowing the pool to five candidate who then engaged in phone interviews with our client. Our team was hands-on during the process, participating in and facilitating the client phone interviews. This positioned our staff to hear feedback directly from the client after each interview, and to provide feedback to each candidate.

This approach helped streamline the search, and it enabled our team to provide real-time feedback to all candidates about their interview presence and responses. The candidate pool was then whittled down to the two final candidates, both solid prospects for the role.

The team lead on the American side led candidate development and client management. She is well-versed in the Hogan Assessment, which she describes as a multi-dimensional personality assessment that takes a dynamic measure. It provides personality metrics for an individual as he or she responds to the highs and lows of professional life. The assessment provides a multi-layered focus that goes beyond a personality snapshot. It offers clues and tips for onboarding and coaching after a recruit is placed. The tool indicates what fosters thriving for an individual, should he or she engage in a professional culture.

The team lead created a matrix to capture the data gleaned from the assessment. What started out as her own device for comparing the two top finalists, ended up being an imperative tool for accessing core qualities for each candidate such as top values and motivators, how they are likely to act on a daily basis and what happens when they stop self-monitoring their behavior. With the top candidates being a good fit for the role for different reasons, the Hogan Assessment helped to provide more color and fit.

In addition, the team used the Orxestra Methodology, a standard for TRANSEARCH. This device helps to evaluate a candidate’s potential cultural fit. Recruiters use it to foster better chemistry between interviewees and the team with which they meet. It’s can also help harmonize the onboarding experience and, ultimately, it can facilitate more lasting and fulfilling tenures.  

Our TRANSEARCH team was likewise on-hand during the final face-to-face interview to hear and provide feedback and to ensure a smooth process.


The position was offered to one of the final two candidates who accepted the role. Our recruitment team offered coaching on the client side, to explain American expectations about salary and benefits, which were heard and incorporated into the compensation offering.

Our TRANSEARCH team successfully advocated for the client and candidate, providing a successful fit for all involved.

Client perspective:

The client was pleased with the hire, and explained that both of the final two candidates were strong contenders for the role. The client felt confident that either could be a fit for the job, which is an ideal outcome from the executive recruiter’s perspective. The client mentioned that he would be happy to work with our group in the future.

Outcome for other stakeholders:

We were pleased to receive positive feedback from our candidate. He explained:

From the first phone call to the one that extended me an offer I was treated like I was the only candidate.  Nicole Brown was always upfront with me and very thorough.  Being a hiring manager and now a President for an organization, the candidate experience is #1.  I couldn't have asked for a better candidate experience.  Nicole's approach is to educate, coach and ask -- educate me on the role and expectations -- coached me through hurdles and potential barriers --- asked me questions every time we were on the phone, because she cared about the process.  I would recommend Nicole and the team at Transearch USA to any company looking to bring on a completely well-rounded group that will exceed your expectations.

The American and Swedish TRANSEARCH teams are also eager to find future opportunities to partner. A member of our TRANSEARCH team exclaimed: “I wish every search went like this!”