CEO and President changes that took place from January to March 2019.

C-suite changes that took place from October to December 2018.

A privately held real estate investment group that owns and operates a series of Class A+ high-rise office buildings throughout the United States requested TRANSEARCH to work on a new mandate. Headquartered in Chicago with properties in Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, the firm takes a long-term approach to managing its $6M+ square feet of assets. The ownership group and the Managing Director are highly focused on ensuring their properties are considered “best in class” for their tenants.

Chief Executive Officer and President changes made from October through December 2018.

One of the world’s most sophisticated electrical engineering firms with nearly $1B in revenue (2017) and ranked 20 on ENR’s Engineering Rankings is looking to take a big step forward in its pursuit of continued excellence and growth. The firm has embraced a mentality of change and is investing in leadership at the top of the organization to achieve this evolution.

What Are You Looking for in a Manager?

When you’re on the hunt, you spend plenty of time scouring job posts and thinking of yourself as a commodity: Do I fit the description? Can I handle this job? Do they like me? Will they choose me?

What about what you want? If you’re willing to kick yourself out of your comfort zone and uproot your routine in pursuit of a more fitting job, take time and define exactly what fit means to you.

Ask yourself: In what ways do I want this new role to be different from my current job? What do I hope to learn in my next role? What aspects of my current job are a fit, and what parts aren’t?


Board of Director Changes: July-September 2018. Executives who have joined Boards across all industries.

Chief Executive Officer and President changes made from July through September 2018.