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Ever feel labeled by a personality test? Or maybe you spent hours with an industrial psychologist only to receive pages of notes without a hint of advice? Many professionals feel that the most useful personality assessment is one that links underlying tendencies with behaviors and outcomes while remaining pliable enough to allow for context. And the best assessments help to identify a correlation (if not causation) with performance in the workplace.

For one 55-year-old company, which had never appointed a Chief Executive Officer from outside its own ranks, the stakes were exceedingly high as it retained TRANSEARCH to identify and hire its CEO successor. Worldwide this client generated more than 1 billion in annual revenue, with approximately 8,000 employees across six continents.

TRANSEARCH was retained by a global manufacturing company to hire its Vice President and General Manager for a $100 million division. This client’s 5-year plan was to stabilize and drive higher profits, as well as increase employee accountability for growth. 

Transcript from the BlueSteps #ExecCareer Chat, “Becoming a Better Leader” featuring Mike Morrow  from TRANSEARCH USA.

**As published in Hunt Scanlon Media

Across the executive ranks, five times more men than women were appointed to new positions, according to a just released report issued by TRANSEARCH International. The landmark study, which looked at more than 3,000 C-level appointments representing 10 industry groups across North America, found that only one fourth of newly appointed senior level executives were diverse candidates. Executive recruiters asked about the findings by Hunt Scanlon Media said they were perplexed, as all of them reported including diverse candidate slates for executive level assignments as almost an afterthought.

TRANSEARCH was recently selected by a diversified manufacturer – a company Fortune ranks among the Global 500 – to recruit and hire the Head of Business Development for one of its newest stand-alone divisions.