Tomorrow Will Be Different; Are You Ready For What Comes Next?

Author: Chris Swan

It's hard to believe how much American life has changed in 2020. After enjoying a robust economy with a record-breaking streak of job growth, it's unimaginable that millions of Americans have now lost their jobs, while COVID-19 infections are nearing the grim two million milestone with 110,000 deaths.

Choosing a CEO of the USA - POTUS?

Author: Chris Swan

Selecting a leader to steer our country is an important decision, but it can be hard to make the right decision with all the opinions and hyperbole humming around us. Everything seems compounded with an endless news cycle, a gyrating stock market, and a pandemic disrupting everything in our lives.

It Doesn’t Benefit Your Business to Ignore Signs of Recession

Author: John Ryan

Simply stated: I believe that pursuing diversity makes better business sense than recruiting a homogenous team. A diverse team is more likely to embrace and value innovation and to interpret market changes and disruption. Diverse teams will make more informed decisions than homogenous teams, because they are informed by a greater array of perspectives. If you’re looking to reach a broad audience, as most businesses are, and the brains of your organization is comprised of only American men, Japanese women, Millennial men, Boomer women, etc., then you’re simply going to miss things.

It Doesn’t Benefit Your Business to Ignore Signs of Recession

Author: Chris Swan

In September, I sponsored the AEC Advisor’s Chief Executive Summit in Manhattan. It was the inaugural event for this AEC Advisors, a split-off from the EFCG. The attendees include 260 CEO’s and other top industry executives from architecture, engineering, environmental, and a few construction executives. The sessions were focused on business valuation, excellence in performance, and corporate development. It was a mix of industry leading-public firms and ambitious boutiques.

quit your bad boss

Author: John Ryan

Could your family and friends be getting sick of hearing you complain about your boss? Do you find yourself making regular post-work proclamations like: “You’ll never believe what he did,” or “you’ll never guess what she said”?

** As published on Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)

Parents are eager to see their kids settle into “good jobs,” those that invite fulfillment, job security, and financial independence. Many families find themselves struggling, though, with the prohibitive costs of higher education. Even if one secures a good job upon graduation, starting adult life throttled by debt is a problematic formula.

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As executive search consultants for TRANSEARCH International, clients trust us to identify their next senior leaders. We identify, attract, and hire executives who align with our client’s long-term strategies. We find executives with the leadership competencies to impact the unique culture of our clients’ organizations. It’s a challenge we enjoy.

The luxury of our job is that we are routinely networking with executives at the top of their respective fields, giving us the chance to learn about the high-level strategic trends transforming various industries; for example, we recently completed a search for a client expanding their presence in the emerging Smart Cities market.

** As published on AESC Bluesteps

What does it require to advance from a management position to an executive role? When you’re a manager, you do the hands-on work of ensuring that your team’s day-to-day operations run smoothly. You’re a team super-user, versed in the systems and operations that enable your unit’s daily efforts. You oversee that work and keep those who execute it motivated, engaged and fully operational. It’s a complex undertaking and handling it well can be the ideal preparation for new challenges.