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The business of consumer and retail is so intimately linked with the public’s lifestyle, every strategic decision may be the difference between a company rising or falling. Buyer spending habits are constantly evolving, especially in our increasingly competitive global marketplace. Health and nutrition are booming and the gold rush to international markets continues. Heavyweight mergers and acquisitions have redistributed market share. E-Commerce is the indomitable champion of omnichannel, while mobile payments are the industry’s hottest investment trend. Yet, the threat against data security has never been more conspicuous.

In the consumer and retail space, long-term success hinges on quality products or services, as well as the customer experience. The same is true for TRANSEARCH. Ultimately, we judge our success by how long executive recruits stay with clients, and how well they grow within the organization. With these aspirations in mind, we provide a range of executive talent solutions. For more than 30 years our core business has been executive search; however, we also provide stand-alone leadership assessments and onboarding assistance, as well as an option for building a robust talent pipeline.

Over the past quarter century, the TRANSEARCH consumer and retail practice has partnered with hundreds of market leaders, many of whom rank in the Fortune 1000 or the Inc. 500. Our senior consultants have served as talent advisors to countless chief executives and board members, examining market trends such as the high turnover of Chief Marketing Officers and the rise of the Chief Customer Officer. Altogether, we have a proven track record of partnering with organizations ranging from private equity-owned companies to large multinational corporations headquartered around the world.

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