Board Services

Over the last few years’ the need for corporate transparency and accountability has dictated that an efficient board should not only comply with current legislation, but compliance has also become the new minimum requirement of board performance.

With increasing understanding and literacy of the functioning of boards by company stakeholders: from shareholders, regulators, customers, employees, media, boards must run themselves effectively and properly, and must be seen to do so.

With a proven methodology in governance fields TRANSEARCH International is able to encompass the rapidly changing areas of corporate governance and board effectiveness when assisting our clients.

At TRANSEARCH International we realise that having an effective board is a strategic advantage and a challenging task to achieve. We address this challenge by effectively contributing to corporate governance policies and assisting in building the most efficient and reliable Board. In establishing the most effective board we focus on skill variety, cultural balance, as well as decision-making capabilities.

The Board Services team consists of a group of dedicated professionals with extensive experience.

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Board Advisory

Over the last few years the need for corporate transparency and accountability has dictated not only that an efficient board should comply with current legislation, but that compliance has become the new minimum requirement of board performance.

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Board Assessment

The standard for board performance is increasing due to increased pressure from investors and stakeholders, making a board review crucial in meeting the evolving standards of corporate governance and business success.

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Director Recruitment

A successful board of directors, with the right composition, ensures the company's progress and both supports and challenges the CEO.

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The Orxestra© tools provide a unique perspective on culture, performance, leadership, and team ‘fit’, and help new leaders integrate quickly and successfully.

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Are You Managing Your Culture?

The best way to be more of what you have always been is to hire people who fit with the culture you have.

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TRANSEARCH specialists have a wealth of experience and extensive industry understanding that allow us to fully meet our clients’ expectations.

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With partners based in over 40 countries, we combine local expertise with a global network of search and leadership consulting professionals.

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