Executive and Board Assessments

What are the core competencies and leadership qualities executives and Board members need to thrive? Conducting thorough appraisals of your Board members and executive team is a winning way to help answer this integral question. TRANSEARCH USA’s consultants are certified experts in leveraging Hogan assessments to identify leaders’ relevant skills, industry knowledge, as well as exploring their personality traits and potential to grow and advance with your business.

Executive Assessments

The 1-on-1 Hogan Assessment is a progressive online evaluation and a follow-up session with a TRANSEARCH USA consultant to review and interpret results, answer questions and map out a go-forward plan. This tool empowers leaders with a better understanding of their values and helps them identify potential leadership blind spots. We also employ leadership scorecards which assess executives’ leadership competencies aligned with your specific business needs, and establish a baseline to gauge aptitude. With the help of our consultants, you can utilize a leadership scorecard for both recruiting and promoting executives who will make everybody more successful.

Board Assessments

Shareholders and investors are increasingly taking a critical look at the performance of Boards. Using global performance benchmarks, our assessment approach delves into key elements that factor into the success of Boards, including the diversity of members, effectiveness of their governance, structure and processes, the success of their strategic guidance, their track record communicating with stakeholders and the relationship they have with the executive leadership team.


The Orxestra© tools provide a unique perspective on culture, performance, leadership, and team ‘fit’, and help new leaders integrate quickly and successfully.

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Are You Managing Your Culture?

The best way to be more of what you have always been is to hire people who fit with the culture you have.

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TRANSEARCH specialists have a wealth of experience and extensive industry understanding that allow us to fully meet our clients’ expectations.

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With partners based in over 40 countries, we combine local expertise with a global network of search and leadership consulting professionals.

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