Succession Planning

In this era of constant disruption, CEO’s and other executives are staying in their roles for shorter periods of time. As newer leaders emerge, they are younger and less experienced and require significant development. That’s why having comprehensive succession planning is imperative.

TRANSEARCH USA partners with our clients to deliver rigorous and carefully crafted succession plans. We thoroughly assess your short and long-terms leadership requirements and your talent pool. We apply our proven strategies for acquiring the best and brightest executives. And we provide expert recommendations on how to ensure talent development initiatives within your organization prepare current employees for future leadership roles. This allows for smooth transitions, as well as helping to retain talent who are motivated by seeing the opportunity to rise within the business.

What makes TRANSEARCH USA distinct in our succession planning approach is working with you to clearly map the talent you have, with the talent you need. We have the tools and strategies to help find you the right successors.


The Orxestra© tools provide a unique perspective on culture, performance, leadership, and team ‘fit’, and help new leaders integrate quickly and successfully.

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Are You Managing Your Culture?

The best way to be more of what you have always been is to hire people who fit with the culture you have.

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TRANSEARCH specialists have a wealth of experience and extensive industry understanding that allow us to fully meet our clients’ expectations.

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With partners based in over 40 countries, we combine local expertise with a global network of search and leadership consulting professionals.

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