Jacob Kerr 2018 USA
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Chicago, Illinois 60610

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Jacob originally planned to be a doctor in order to help people in a challenging environment. After deciding medicine was no longer his path, he still wants to assist others in difficult contexts. Jacob believes the best way to serve others is through emphasizing people as the most important asset of any business, organization, or society. When companies focus on their employees needs, values, growth, and well-being, the people in the company are happier and the business ends up more profitable in the long-run.

This culture of caring must start from the top, as the leaders set the tone and direction for everything beneath them. Executive search enables Jacob to serve clients, partnering with firms to achieve their business goals through high-quality candidates that can impact every level of the company.

Jacob’s strengths are his curiosity, vision, and communication skills that enable him to build bridges between multiple groups. In his free time, he enjoys camping outdoors, reading about American history, and giving back to his local community. Originally from New Jersey, Jacob is a graduate of Northwestern University and enjoys attending Wildcats sporting events throughout the year.