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TRANSEARCH International is the leading alternative to commonplace executive search. As passionate talent experts, every day we help companies build stronger leadership teams. Learn more about TRANSEARCH and our wide-ranging approach to leadership acquisition, management assessment, as well as our industry expertise.

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The high-stakes challenge of attracting and empowering executives is best met with the support of a firm that has a proven track record of success. The tools that TRANSEARCH International uses provide a unique perspective regarding culture, performance, leadership, and team "fit". And our integration methodology ensures that new leaders are integrated quickly and successfully without breaking stride.


Thought Leadership

Hogan Assessments with Nicole Brown (Podcast)

Nicole Brown discusses the many advantages of using Hogan Assessments in the hiring process. 

A Discussion About Non-Compete and Non-Solicit Agreements (Podcast)

In the first episode of The Pulse Podcast, Chris Swan is joined by Amit Bindra, a partner at Prinz Law Firm, to discuss non-compete and non-solict agreements, as well as trade secret protection.

President (Case Study)

Our TRANSEARCH USA team assisted our Swedish counterparts in conducting an international executive search. The client, a Swedish medical technology company, aims to expand operations into the US. This hire will anchor that ambition, and is a key initial step. The project was exciting for both the American and the Swedish TRANSEARCH teams, who collaborated seamlessly and successfully, quickly earning results.

M&A / IPO Activity: April-June 2019

M&A Activity: April-June 2019. Includes companies across all industries.


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Business leaders have always been scrutinized for their decision making. In 1914, Henry Ford was both denounced as a fool and praised for doubling wages of factory employees from $2.34 to $5 per day. In 1987, Merck & Company decided to give away a cure for river blindness for free, an unfathomable choice for most pharmaceuticals, because they recognized the cost of the drug would be too high for impoverished international markets. Today, entire industries emerge and evaporate in just a few years, so executives must be ready to make substantive choices with limited information. Decisions on people – who to hire, fire, promote, and reward – are even more complex; even if new algorithms are quantifying our daily behavior, humans create messy and imperfect data sets. How can business leaders remain confident they are making the best call on people decisions when the stakes are higher than ever?

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Design: Architecture & Engineering

 design build

When it comes to engineering, architecture, and design-build, the blueprint for success incorporates precision, ingenuity, and resilience. The same is true for TRANSEARCH. In order to help firms build high-performing teams, we provide a cross-section of executive talent solutions. For more than 30 years our core business has been executive search; however, we also provide stand-alone leadership assessments and onboarding assistance, as well as an option for building a robust talent pipeline.