While many leaders acknowledge the significance of culture on the health and success of their organizations, few can articulate it in a succinct, meaningful way. If you can’t express your culture in real terms, do you actually know how it influences your business? When it comes to hiring and developing people, even fewer organizations – corporations and recruiting firms alike – have a credible methodology for evaluating culture fit.

Orxestra Method

A familiar scene… A company’s hiring committee sits around the boardroom table, discussing the recruitment of a new CFO. Somebody declares “this new CFO has to be strategic.” Everybody nods in agreement. Somebody else adds “she or he must be results-oriented.” Almost instantly, everybody clamours “Yes!” However, nobody actually knows what strategic and results-oriented mean in real terms for this CFO, let alone how to screen and compare candidates appropriately. In all likelihood, each term has been interpreted differently by members of the hiring committee.

In order to elevate the dialogue regarding culture fit, Dr. John O. Burdett – a prominent global authority on leadership and organization development – joined with TRANSEARCH International in 2000. Shortly thereafter we launched the TRANSEARCH Orxestra™ Method, our proprietary card-sort methodology for assessing “the DNA” of an organization and calibrating fit. Lending a heightened degree of rigor and specificity, our teams now use Orxestra™ (“or-KESS-truh”) included as part of every retained search.

On the surface, Orxestra™ is a diverse series of flashcards used to construct an idealized scorecard. On a deeper level, it enables our teams to evaluate talent in a meaningful way that’s directly linked to the personality of your organization. The results have been dramatic – better short-lists, highly engaged candidates, stronger chemistry during interviews, and seamless onboarding. Orxestra™ not only significantly reduces the risk of a mis-hire, but leaders screened using our methodology tend to have longer and more successful careers than those hired through a traditional process.

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