Board Search

When a Board is made up of seasoned, diverse and talented members, the data definitively illustrates companies are far more likely to be successful. Why? Because a strong and cohesive Board is where the CEO and executive leadership team look to for guidance, strategic direction, as well as governance and risk management.

TRANSEARCH USA recognizes the critical role of Board members. We have a strong track record conducting Board searches for public corporations, private equity firms, startups, not-for-profit organizations and family-owned enterprises. Working together with you, we leverage our expertise in executive search to attract Board members who:

  • Offer a diversity of opinions, insights, ideas and perspectives.

  • Have an abundance of knowledge and expertise for the most pressing priorities facing your business such as digital transformation, sustainability and leadership succession.

  • Identify the skills gaps in your organization and opportunities to address them.

  • Are a great fit with the other Board members

Drawing on our 25+ years of experience in executive search, we have a vast global network of excellent candidates, across multiple industries, to help you build an exemplary, talented and diverse Board to steer your organization to ongoing success.


The Orxestra© tools provide a unique perspective on culture, performance, leadership, and team ‘fit’, and help new leaders integrate quickly and successfully.

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Are You Managing Your Culture?

The best way to be more of what you have always been is to hire people who fit with the culture you have.

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TRANSEARCH specialists have a wealth of experience and extensive industry understanding that allow us to fully meet our clients’ expectations.

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With partners based in over 40 countries, we combine local expertise with a global network of search and leadership consulting professionals.

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