Talent Scouting

What is Talent Scouting?

With Talent Scouting, you obtain a candidate short-list and pipeline building with the option to continue to a fully retained search.

Attracting the right executive and assembling a high-performance team is only the start. Ongoing talent management, employee engagement, and leadership development are crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage. By leveraging a market research-based approach to proactively engage with high-performing individuals, we give your team a head start in the arms race for talent.

Milestones & Deliverables:

  • In addition to the project leader, we allocate a team of two (2) recruiters and one (1) researcher to your Talent Scouting assignment.

  • Together we conduct a kick-off to nail down everything from candidate scorecard to culture and compensation.

  • We deliver a Statement of Work (“Needs Assessment”) as well as a Position Description for your approval.

  • We approach 15+ targeted and/or competitor organizations in which we fully source relevant talent based on criteria exhibited in the Statement of Work.

  • And, we approach dozens of additional individuals outside such organizations who also seem to match the ideal criteria.

  • We begin submitting long-lists of individuals who have been researched and/or contacted and note their interest or potential fit as well as compensation.

  • We aim to complete a Talent Scouting assignment within four to six weeks.

  • More often than not, Talent Scouting clients elect to convert the long-list of individuals into a full search.

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